Hello, it's Jacopo and Marley.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!
Marley here, and I’ll sometimes replace Jacopo in some posts, like this one. It’s gonna be fun! Obviously, I’ll always be behind the scenes of each of Jacopo’s post, even though he’ll not know it, WOO-HO-HOF. That was my evil laugh.
I love open spaces, balls, running, running after balls in open spaces, playing with everything, watching tv, sleeping on the sofa, eating, playing with food on the sofa while watching tv… I mean, these are only a few. Regarding Jacopo’s interests, I don’t get them. Something like barking (but softer), eating all the things that I LIKE, tapping his fingers on some black and white buttons that produce a strange sound, watching something like tv which I heard it’s called YouTube, on something called “computer”, on something called “the Internet”. Well, nothing interesting.
I mean, this whole thing is about ME! 😀

Bark you soon.